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Whenever there is a communication gap to bridge, an audience to reach or a language barrier that needs to be removed, we would like you to think of us as partners who can truly make a difference.

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Do you want viewers to sit back and fully enjoy your video in another language?
Go for quality…
Hire a professional!


Do you want to bring your content to a wider audience? Localisation is what you need.
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What's in it for you?

  • More quality: there's nothing better than a well-coordinated team when it comes to ensuring translation quality. We have been checking our translations internally for a while now, and we're quite proud with the results.
  • Less problems: by working side by side, we can quickly brainstorm and help each other in any situation. There is strength in numbers :)
  • Quicker turnaround times: keeping problems to a minimum and being able to solve them quickly really helps bring out the productivity of our team. We also have a very strict internal policy as regards deadlines: expect no surprises!
  • More versatility: our network allows us to offer you a wide range of services. But rest assured: quality will not suffer! We don't outsource to random freelancers, and every single member of our extended team really clicks with our way of working.
  • Total transparency: we believe that communication with the client is key. We like to keep you updated and hear what you have to say: your feedback is invaluable to us!

What our clients say about us

  • Ho lavorato con il team di Langwich nell’ambito del progetto AdaptLab, promosso dal TorinoFilmLab e IBF – International Book Forum. E’ stata una collaborazione molto positiva, dove i professionisti di Langwich hanno dimostrato una grande competenza nella traduzione letteraria, massima disponibilità, puntualità e precisione in tutte le fasi dell’attività. Sono senza dubbio dei partner affidabili e capaci

    Francesco Signor
    Francesco Signor
    International Book Forum
  • I hired the Langwich team for a research project carried out with an important Danish theatre. From the first drafts to their inquiries to capture the exact meaning and tone of the text, I was able to verify their high professionalism and their versatility in rendering the specialised language of theatre. The final result (a book in printing) has fully satisfied me and my extremely demanding partners

    Franco Perrelli
    Franco Perrelli
    Professor of Performing Arts, DAMS, University of Turin
  • Ho affidato a Langwich la traduzione di un mio articolo sulla psicoterapia della Gestalt. Sono rimasto pienamente soddisfatto del risultato, per la competenza e l’accuratezza con cui il lavoro è stato svolto, per la tempestività con cui mi è stato consegnato e per la professionalità dimostrata

    Mercurio Albino Macaluso
    Mercurio Albino Macaluso
    Psychologist and Therapist, Gestalt Institute
  • Three young multilingual translators with an authentic passion for their work: that’s Langwich. From close personal experience I am able to confirm their skill, and I would add that they are punctual, efficient, courteous and remarkably versatile. Warmly recommended

    R.A. Henderson
    R.A. Henderson
    Translator and former Professor of English Language, University of Turin
  • J’ai travaillé avec Langwich pour le projet AdaptLab du Torino Film Lab. L’équipe de traducteurs permet en un temps record d’accéder à une traduction de qualité.
    Un grand merci donc à ces traducteurs, qui nous rendent la chose possible, discrètement et de façon rigoureuse, très professionnelle

    Isabelle Fauvel
    Isabelle Fauvel
    Initiative Film, Head of Studies for AdaptLab
  • Professionalism, market expertise and on-time delivery are key success factors. This is why it is crucial that I hire the very best resources when I need to outsource projects. Langwich has never let me down. With a work ethic similar to my own and a competence in multiple languages, I can unconditionally recommend the Langwich team for virtually any translation project

    Susan Eppel Caroppo
    Susan Eppel Caroppo
    The Eppel Group, marketing and communication consultancy